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The Corral Story

The Corral story begins in Holt County at The Keating Family Ranch in north-central Nebraska. Founder Jack Keating saw an opportunity to increase the carrying capacity and reduce fencing costs as the price of satellite connectivity and cloud based software continued to become more affordable. Today our team is driven by our desire to drive profits for our friends, neighbors, and the American ranching industry.

Our Mission

Founded in 2020, Corral aims to bring cutting edge technology to one of America's most important industry. We understand that market, political, and economic challenges are placing unforeseen pressure on cow-calf operations across The United States.

At Corral, we know that the up keep of your operation isn’t easy. It takes hard work, dedication and a never give up attitude. But it’s within these moments that champions are defined, and dreams come true. Corral is helping ranchers face the challenges of today with the technology of tomorrow. 

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