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Corral 45-Day Pilot Program

In partnership with Nebraska Department of Economic Development Prototype Grant our team is field testing key components of our Boss Cow Collar this spring. We are excited to announce a special 45 day pilot program starting the first week of March. 

Our team will be in touch shortly!

25 Collar Systems


We will be on-site while you are preconditioning your cattle to set up the system for you


24/7 Support

You can contact a representative of our team with any questions at any time


Digital and Hardcopy of Pastures

View in real-time where your cows have grazed and refer to the laminated pasture map.

What's Included?

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Be a Leader


Be part of a the future of ranching while helping us find ways to save you time and money


Access to our Pilot Forum

Ask questions to our other pilot ranchers, see how others are using the system.


Free Software

Receive $1,000 of software as part of the $250 pilot fee. You will be able to see where your cows are and move them at the touch of a button. 

What's a Collar System?

Our Collar system allows you to see where your cattle are, move them remotely, and confine them to the virtual boundaries you draw. The hardware application process is as simple as wrap and latch, allowing for you to push cattle through the chute as quickly as possible.


Your Price

We realize you will only use the system for a short period of time and for that reason, your costs are minimal!

$10/Cow for 25 Cows

Our Share

We will absorb the rest of the time and component costs. With your help, we hope to get this price as low as possible!



$190/Cow Discount