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Virtual Fencing Built for
Cow-Calf Operations


Use Virtual Fence to Cut Costs and Save Time

Corral is a system of cattle wearables proven to be safe and effective. Cow-calf operations utilizing Corral can cross-fence virtually any pasture decreasing the number of rented acres and reducing fencing costs.

Technology that adds to your bottom line

Cow-Calf operations are beginning to leverage the Corral system. Our early partners are receiving a discount rate with dedicated customer support. Interested in testing Corral?


Track your cows

Be confident that your cows are where they are supposed to be at any time.

Cross fence anywhere

Corral's advanced system allows anyone with access to a phone, computer, or tablet, to create new cross fences on any of their pastures. This optimizes pasture utilization for any operation.

Move remotely

Move your cows from almost anywhere using Corral's streamlined software system, saving you time for other tasks.

Create Healthier pastures

Our software lets you:

Create grazing plans for your operation

Track carrying capacities

See pasture utilization in real-time

Our Purpose

Corral has a unique mission. We seek to help ranchers control what was formerly known as uncontrollable. Our virtual fence solutions allows for:

  • Moving cattle remotely

  • Increasing pasture utilization

  • Reducing rent


Want more details on how Corral could work for you?

Our team will be in touch shortly!

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