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Helping Ranchers Optimize Their Operations

Our Purpose

Corral has a unique mission. We seek to help ranchers control what was formerly known as uncontrollable. This includes:

  • moving cattle remotely

  • increasing pasture utilization

  • reducing rent

  • modernizing record keeping

  • virtual fencing


Saving You Time, Money, and Headaches

Corral is unique because we allow ranchers to take control of their operations wherever they are. We have advanced technology that will improve pasture utilization. This technology will virtually cross fence any pasture which will decrease the number of rented acres and reduce the amount of fencing needed every year. Modernized records on cattle and land can easily be done through Corral's software. With the option of using a cell phone, computer, or tablet, anyone can easily manage their ranch from almost anywhere. Ranchers will have the ability to move, track, and view data on their cows through the Corral software. This allows for the efficient management of any ranch and guides ranchers to reach their goals. Overall, Corral gives ranchers the tools to create the best possible solution for their ranch. 


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